YogoshimoMoritz - #3December Entries


(Yogoshimo Moritz) #1

Mainly have been using Magicavoxel, a free voxel editor for almost a year now (even though I don’t post much about what I do). This seems as a great opportunity to test out my creativity with voxels (cube models) and possibly get some feedback onto my works/ give feedback on others.

You can find more creations made by me, on Deviantart, Patreon, etc.

(Yogoshimo Moritz) #2

Here is the first submission for #3december-2018 -

Made with Magicavoxel, and edited with Mixamo for animation -

(Yogoshimo Moritz) #3

2nd entry - Link below:

(Yogoshimo Moritz) #4

Bit delayed, yet here is the Third Entry (I tried)

(Yogoshimo Moritz) #5

Another entry, for the 6th of december: Fruitcake -
I tried (at first) with magicavoxel, yet it looked too simple, so I tried out another program (online) called Vectary - I hope it is an “ok” model, first time using it though ~

(Ever Shroud) #6

Ahh, that cake is so adorable! I don’t know why it’s just super cute. I love the colours and the shapes!

(Yogoshimo Moritz) #7

Hope it is ok to use the same model, yet different animation?
Either way, here is another submission - “dont feel so good” -

(Yogoshimo Moritz) #8

Thank you - I was very uncertain about how it came out, yet I appreciate your comment/ reassurance :smiley:

Mainly I like how its more “organic” in shape, versus blocky models I make ~

(Yogoshimo Moritz) #9

Oh boi - Tired yet did another entry: Reindeer 00
I know its not much, yet less is more ~

(Yogoshimo Moritz) #10

Another entry, Went back and fixed the lighting issue last night* -
At least I tried, here is the model - Igloo :

(Yogoshimo Moritz) #11

Delay, delay, and some more delay - Finally I have gotten this model done, for earmuffs - oh boi, I have lots more to catch up now, been busy with school, yet still, I will keep pushing and trying

Here is an animated character with earmuffs - made with magicavoxel and animated with mixamo :smiley:

(Yogoshimo Moritz) #12

Almost a week of not completing entry’s D: - My apologies, yet Ill be attempting my best not to rush, yet get the entry’s done in time -

Other than that, here is another model, this time, made with Vectary since it looks better that way :smiley:

(Yogoshimo Moritz) #13

Here is a Pine Tree Scene - I hope this is fine, since I could not understand how to model a detailed pine cone without messing up drastically -

Other than that, there are pine cones in scene, yet small - at least I completed another entry :smiley:

(Yogoshimo Moritz) #14

Another Submission -

(Yogoshimo Moritz) #15

Another entry - just a simple scene with a stubborn penguin - (Note: I may re-do this scene since it was a bit rushed/ Not meeting my standards)