"You already have a pending order for this model"

Hi Sketchfab Mods,
I was trying to purchase ~16 models for a project that’s due at the end of the month. Paypal got stuck in “processing” and it ended up successfully purchasing the first model, the second one is marked in Purchases as failed and anytime I try to complete the purchase I get a paypal error - “something went wrong with paypal, please try again”.

The rest of the models show up as gray saying they’re part of a pending order, but I don’t see a way to complete that order. Removing them from the cart and re-adding them still shows them as gray.

I could really use some help here,

Edit: Looks like I also have receipts from paypal showing up in my email for the “you have a pending order” models, but they’re not showing up as downloadable.

Ayy, sorry to hear that! I have forwarded your message to our Store team, they’ll be in touch shortly.

Thank you! It looks like the other purchased models are now downloadable. There’s still one that’s not working (says “try again”) but I can get by without it.

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