You don't have permissions to download this model error while trying to download

I am trying to download a model and it gives me this error message:

You don’t have permissions to download this model.

The model has a download button and is not priced, so I don’t understand what is the permission I need to be able to download.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there. You may receive that message if your email address has not been confirmed. Could you please check if that’s the case?

It has a green check mark by the side of my email address, I assume it’s confirmed? I looked all over my profile and nothing says that I need to confirm my email.

Can you share a link to the model you are trying to download please? Thanks!

Sure thing!

Hm - I just downloaded all model archives with no problem.

Do you have the same issue with other models on Sketchfab?

After a couple of days I Was able to download it… Not sure what happened, but it worked in the end…