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ZBrush Exporter for 4R8?


(Enalya) #1

Dear Sketchfab,

I really love(d) using the ZBrush Exporter for uploading sculpts, but I'm having some issues with it in ZBrush 4R8 (which isn't surprising because it was built for 4R5).

  • After hitting the build UVs button, I lose all polypaint data;
  • After baking, I get only 1 Map while having 3 Subtools and 0 Maps for Normal and AO;
  • After preprocessing all Subtools, Decimate tells me some Subtools aren't processed yet. When I preprocess them then, it still gives the same message.

All in all it is not workable anymore. I wondered if you are considering an update for this?

Thanks in advance!



Hi Enalya,

I'm not sure about the first two issues, but the 3rd issue is due to a change in 4R7 and 4R8. Decimation features are no longer accessible by other scripts, so you need to use "Decimate All" in "Decimation Master" palette (in plugin menu) manually to get the same effect.

Maybe one of our Masters can help with the material/texture problems. I think @miekeroth , @essimoon, and @christophs use ZBrush?

(Miekeroth) #3

Hi Enalya and James,

I am still on holidays, but I haven't encounter these problems yet. But that might be because I only use the exporter for exporting the mesh itself. I use one of the other plugins (need to check its name, but it's a standard one) to make all the maps and then import those into sketchfab. I am writing this without checking, will do that in the weekend when I'm back from holidays, and maybe some of the other sketchfab masters has another solution.

(Miekeroth) #4

O, and I always use ZRemesher for reducing the mesh, gives me more controle, but you have to do that before uv mapping of course. (And keep a polypainted copy of the model so you can transfer the polypaint and details)

(Enalya) #5

@james Thank you, I haven't tried that yet. But should I try every option on its own in ZBrush itself?
I already did that for UV Build, but couldn't get it to work nicely. That would mean I have to make duplicate, ZRemesh it (maybe even retopo), Unwrap it in another software and come back to project the Polypaint. But then I'm kind of missing the point of the plugin, I'd say, doing all the steps I wanted to avoid since it's only a sculpt.

@miekeroth Thanks for your reply, I'm curious about that other plugin. ZRemeshing is always a good plan indeed, I already tried that but didn't get a nice Projection of my Polypaint data :frowning: (that isn't the fault of the plugin btw, that's another topic :wink:)

Thanks again for taking the time!

(Simon Kratz) #6

@enalya It probably really is related to changes introduced in ZBrush 4R8.
Maybe for now you can workaround your problems by building UVs manually via the UV Master and I think the same can be done for baking maps.
Afaik the plugin just uses avaiable ZBrush functions for convenience. With some scripting knowledge someone might be able to fix the issue of the plugin, but I'm afraid it's not something I can do.

(Enalya) #7

Thank you, good suggestions, I will try to work around it.
It would be awesome if the plugin could be updated, it's a great concept!

(Enalya) #8

I got it working in the end, so here's what I did:

  1. In ZBrush, duplicate Subtool
  2. Unwrap that duplicated Subtool with UV Master
  3. Project All (incl. Polypaint data) onto the duplicated Subtool
  4. Under Texture Map, click 'New From Polypaint' and after that 'Clone Txtr'
  5. Export that texture map

My result:

Thanks again for the help you all :slight_smile:

(Simon Kratz) #9

Great to know there is a workaround, thanks for sharing! :smiley:
And really nice work!