ZBrush Exporter

Hello, I’m having problems with the zbrush exporter - it gets stuck when creating the ambient occlusion and causes zbrush to become inactive for several hours until I force quit zbrush. Any advice would be appreciated!

Probably its best to ask the Zbrush forums?

I don’t know much about Zbrush, but I would go ahead and test the exporter with some simple model first.
If it works, my second step would be lowering down the polygon count on the model and see if exporter still works.

I have a suspicion that you are running out of computer resources :thinking:

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Thank you @warkarma! I will try your suggestions

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Yeah Warkarma is right. Your Object has over 30Mill Points. That is super high for a simple object like yours.
That’s maybe the problem.

@laurer1990 thanks for your help and yes decimating the model did work. However (and sorry if this is super obvious!) before i tried to bake the AO map using the the Sketchfab/zbrush exporter, the model only had 127 K active points and as you can see the polycount is still 127 K. So why does the exporter increase the active points to 32 M?