Zbrush Sketchfab Export Fail

(Cytricacid) #1

Hi, I’ve been trying to export from Zbrush 2018.1 with my model (40k points) but it keeps erroring out. I see in the plugins folder that it doesnt even try to export or compress my models, instead sending a 1kb zip file for no reason. It worked ONCE, but only exported one subtool. I can’t figure out why it’s not working.
I can’t export manually because the .fbx file is 100+mb, but i’ve exported models in the past from zbrush with much higher density textures and polygons with no problem. the zbrush file ITSELF is 21mb. The problem is that the plugin refuses to even export anything.


Hmmm. Let’s try to figure this out, weird that you got it to work once. When you say “errors out”, at what step does that happen? What is the error message?

By the way, we support uploading compressed ZIP/RAR/7z archives, which can save a lot of space and bandwidth.

(Cytricacid) #3

it fails on the connection, but looking in the folder for the exporter, it has an archive file that’s only 1kb, which is what i believe it’s trying to upload. the only error message i get is Sketchfab upload FAILED! Nothing else.
At first when I installed it, I was getting a bunch of prompts to run curl, and I noticed it only failed when it prompted once or twice. The one time it DID work was when it ran curl like 50 times (i never thought it would stop prompting me) but it only uploaded one subtool. The constant prompts while uploading were very annoying, so I downloaded a win 64 bit version of curl and replaced it. (someone mentioned it was probably because it was an invalid certificate, and I noticed the curl.exe that was included in the plugin only said “unknown publisher”) But I’m not quick to blame curl for the error, as it seems the exporter doesnt even export the model properly in the first place. If it did, I could just take the archive it created and upload it manually.


Ok, thank you! We’ll be looking into this.