Zemasu #3December Entries

(Zemasu) #1

Merry Christmas!!! I’m so happy that some month-related challenge do exist for us modelers :stuck_out_tongue:

(Zemasu) #2

First entry done!
This is the style i will try to mantain, hope i will!


(Zemasu) #3

Second day!
tried to add some emissive reflections but it didn’t go as planned

(LennyLennbo) #4

looks really cool , but thats some glossy wood :smiley:

(Zemasu) #5

Thanks! yea the wood is pretty crap now that i see :stuck_out_tongue:

(Zemasu) #6

And here we go with 3 entries!

(Laurer1990) #7

i like it :slight_smile:
seems cozy

(Zemasu) #8

Thanks! :smiley:

(Zemasu) #9

Third! I found this harder than the others, cause i never heard about the typical “Fruitcake”! For me a fruit cake was just a cake with fruits :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ever Shroud) #10

I adore the way the fruitcake is around that potted tree! So cute!

(Zemasu) #11

Thank you!! :smiley:

(Bart) #12

Same for me :slight_smile: I love what you did with the topic.

(Zemasu) #13

Flu time! this time our unfortunate character is a penguin!
I added some post processing filter to make more the feel of headache and sickness!

(Ever Shroud) #14

This is wonderful! I love how it’s even set inside of an igloo. Also feel so sorry for the little guy, I hope he feels better soon! But for now at least he has what looks like an adorable show to watch, and a cute book! Amazing work!

Edit: Just realized I remember pingu!

(Zemasu) #15

Thank you very much! Pingu is a big part of my childhood, i still remember full days watching the show, recorded by my grandma

(Zemasu) #16

Reindeer ready to fly! Hearing santa’s call.
On weekends i have little time for modeling, so the quality goes down.
And yeah, i did the animation backwards, but forgive me, it’s 3:00 AM :sweat_smile::joy:

(Fernst) #17

The foreground blur is way too strong for my taste, but overall I like it :smiley:

(Zemasu) #18

Now that i see it it’s way too much when you turn the scene, thanks! :smiley:

(Zemasu) #19

3:00AM again here! :joy:
I did an igloo in the Flu scene, so i decided to do something different.
So here it comes the Killer Whigloo! Swimming to find the penguin who (according to him) killed his son to use him as house.

(Zemasu) #20

Yea. That’s a bit strange.
Have you ever wondered why at the equator is so hot?