Zemasu #3December Entries

(Zemasu) #21

Good and cute ideas are dying, so here’s some trash!

(Zemasu) #22

Nothing is better than a lot of dried fruits at christmas with golden pine cones!

(Zemasu) #23

I really wanted to do this.
A crossover within Shrek2 and Attack On Titan.

(Laurer1990) #24

:smiley: thats awesome … love the anime

(Zemasu) #25

Another penguin, another danger!!!
These penguins really can’t stay still

(Zemasu) #26

Today i had literally 0 time, and the same tomorrow. So yeah! here it is!

(Zemasu) #27

Watch my previous models and guess who’s living underground here?
I think someone who needs a safer place to hide :wink:

(Zemasu) #28

This time the subject is my girlfriend in her favourite winter outfit!

(Zemasu) #29

This challenge was a great gift to me, it helped so much to improve my 3d skills! Finding an original idea and carry out it every day was an incredibly hard but great challenge for me! So yeah! That’s my gift :slight_smile:

(Zemasu) #30

It’s snowing snowflakes a giant snowy snowflake. It’s so rare that a lot of characters went here to celebrate.

(Zemasu) #31

A candy realm!!

(Nomadking) #32

Love this concept! Works great in this style too :slight_smile:

(Zemasu) #33

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

(Zemasu) #34

Who gets the reference? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Zemasu) #35

He just hate christmas

(Zemasu) #36

And here it is! The last entry.
This challenge was really engaging, thank you all!

Hope you can finish the entries too!

(Abby Crawford) #37

Congratulations! Your collection was drawn in the 3December raffle! Tom will be in touch soon regarding your prizes.