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Zhixson - #3December Entries


(Zachary Hixson) #1

A day late, but this looks fun!
Also, pretty exciting that it’s three weeks instead of every day.

(Zachary Hixson) #2

Finally had time to do one!

Jingle Bells!

Only, uh, all of the rest of them to go! :sweat_smile:

(Zachary Hixson) #3

Pine Cone!

Kept running into this silly pine cone craft and the wife made me try to make it so I would stay up while she worked.

(Zachary Hixson) #4


I’m sick and wanted to rush through this! I failed! Dang it! :nauseated_face:

(Zachary Hixson) #5

Ice Fishing!

Water is scary.

(Zachary Hixson) #6

Snow Fox!

Inexplicably decided to do this in zbrush and it took forever! I like how the fox turned out, though. Hopefully it resembles a fox.

(Zachary Hixson) #7


:boom: :santa::boom:

(Zachary Hixson) #8

North Pole!

My first of many many catch-up models. So many catch-up models…

(Zachary Hixson) #9

Stayed up way too late again :grimacing:

(Zachary Hixson) #10

:gift: Gifts! :gift:

Well, just one gift. Think I got that gradient style of texturing lookin’ pretty good here.

(Zachary Hixson) #11


Made a piece of ribbon candy. :candy:
…or maybe it’s uncooked bacon.

EDIT: I turned off the PBR and went with straight gradient mapping for some collection uniformity. It was way too shiny compared to everything else and I really like this look (even though it still looks like cartoon bacon).